Вас приветствует Консалтинговая компания «Голден Траст».
Хотя большинство фирм смотрят на учет просто как на цифры, мы видим в этом конкретные бизнес-процессы и события.

Tax and financial consulting

Financial analysis of an organization.

Advisory subscription service.

Tax consulting  

Legal services

Registration, restructuring, bankruptcy.

the Contractual relationship.

The realities of the Ukrainian business is characterized by

Accounting services

A wide range of accounting, legal, audit services. (more&

Audit and related services

International auditing standards.

an Audit of special purpose.

In the provision of audit services we are guided exclusively by

Management consulting

the Advice in the field of management helps to solve wide range of tasks.

the Advice in the field of management helps to solve wide range

We work with You to build Your business by providing proven advice on tax, accounting, financial planning and much more. We support and assist our clients on a daily basis, not once a month at the time of reporting.
Why we offer additional services within our service?
It’s simple – If Your business is successful, we also achieve success together with You.


Голден Траст развивает свой бизнес по отраслевому принципу, потому что только основательные знания специализации дают больше возможностей для правильного и творческого подхода к оказанию услуг.

  • avt_prom-mk

    The automotive industry

    The automotive industry is one of the leading industries of the developed countries. In recent years this area has become one of the most investment a

  • nedvizhemost

    Construction and real estate

    Construction - special branch of the national economy, which is formed, on the one hand, as a process of reproduction of fixed assets, requiring the n

  • home-on-moneyk

    State and municipal sector

    Golden trust seeks to strengthen its cooperation with the public sector companies, because the role of the state in the economy is very high.

  • smi

    The media and entertainment industry

    The Mass media is one of the industries that the crisis has affected most. Requirements of the audience to the quality of the media products, has i

  • it

    Information technology

    In Ukraine, the IT market is still quite young, but is growing rapidly.

    Information technology is almost the only industry that is alr

  • OPT

    Wholesale and retail trade

    The main problem companies from the trade sector today, there is high competition from major shopping retailers increase their activity in Ukraine.

  • silhoz


    Agriculture of Ukraine is one of the leading sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Agriculture is the basic component of the agricultural sector of Ukrain

  • Toplivo

    Fuel and energy industry

    Accelerated socio-economic development is inextricably linked with the level of development of all sectors of the fuel and energy complex, improvement

О нас

КОНСАЛТИНГОВАЯ КОМПАНИЯ «ГОЛДЕН ТРАСТ» (consulting company “Golden Trust”) предоставляет широкий спектр бухгалтерских, юридических, аудиторских услуг, налогового и управленческого консалтинга.

Our vision

the Main principles of the Golden trust is an individual approach to each client, high quality service, confidentiality, responsibility, efficiency.

Our experience

To provide high quality services, we have professional staff, experience in providing similar services, established a system of internal controls, as well as the necessary software.

Our values

Our Client is configured to development of the Company, present in all sectors of the economy. Golden trust provides the Client with a powerful and efficient business support.
We value our Client.

Our team



VAT software products

Services for the creation of software products subject to VAT (question 10 Generalized advice No. 536)



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